Yuri van Geest

Coming from the interaction of technology, strategy, innovation, organization and digitization and focusing on technological, organizational and personal transformation / innovation, Yuri van Geest has helped leaders and organizations globally to embrace exponential thinking and doing since 2008. Among them 4 of the 30 largest organizations in the world.

As co-author of the highly acclaimed best selling (one of the top 10 most sold business books of all times) book “Exponential Organizations” (2014), he impacts corporates, agencies, startups, governments, communities and purpose driven organizations. How? Via events, keynotes, workshops, training, transformation programs and executive coaching.

Yuri is the initiator of Singularity University Benelux, the first spin-out globally outside HQ in the USA (since 2010).

Yuri is a member of the Future Councils for the World Economic Forum (Davos) since 2018. Key topics: Quantum Technologies, Digital Platforms & Ecosystems and its implications.

He is also co-founder of Conscious Learning Tribe and The Unconference, a new global online media platform focusing on consciousness as well as ecological and social inclusiveness in a post Corona world to heal the planet.

He is co-founder of ‘De Buitenboordmotor’, a new open source solution for social cohesion and the future of work by retraining 1,3 million Dutch people next 10 years in a systemic way.

Yuri is also advising different governments and Healthcare Ministers in terms of how to deal the Covid19-pandemic, a.o. via the BreakOutTeam initiative.

He is also a professional DJ with a vision and purpose related to all the above initiatives and ecosystems.

Sample Topics

Exponential Organizations & Leadership (fireside chat)

Leadership & Personal Change

Increasing the importance of strategy, personal change, connect with spirituality.

Doing Business with China

The mind of the Chinese leaders, transaction vs relations, macro situation, cooperation.

The Future of Work

Future of organizations & leadership, discover your purpose, social rating system, re-invent your self, sensing above doing.

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