Naureen A. Shaikh

Dr. Naureen Shaikh completed triple Honors Degrees in Biology, Anthropology-Zoology, and Religious Studies at University of Michigan. She earned her MD from Rush College of Medicine in Chicago, and graduated from Tufts University Family Practice Program in Boston where she did additional training in Complementary Medicine. Dr. Shaikh received her fellowship from the AAFP. She completed a mini MBA program through the SBA Interise program. She published research and received teaching awards from Tufts University, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and the University of California San Francisco and Stanford.

Dr. Shaikh created the San Francisco Bay Area’s first integrative health Center accepting of all insurance, and having cured 1,500 “Syndrome X” patients with lifestyle modification practices to normal blood pressure, lipids and glycohemoglobin for over one year without medications. Dr Shaikh is involved in launching the west coasts patient integrating precision medicine center.

She is a member of Rotary International active in Global Grant Projects. Receiving local and national awards, Naureen is a public speaker and featured on national radio and in newspapers.

Dr. Shaikh founded Mobile Medical Team International, a public charity providing medical education and relief to underserved populations internationally. MMTI has grown 30% financially annually for the past decade. Projects include a hospital clinic in Africa; support missions after Pakistan’s earthquake and flood disasters; creating medical education games targeting malnutrition, infectious disease and family planning on four continents; developing an international financial transparency web-portal for institutions and donors involved in humanitarian relief; therapeutic childcare for traumatized children, and home therapy for uninsured disabled children and adults.

Naureen transitioned from treating and curing disease 1 patient at a time — to 40,000 at a time in her Bay Area Public Health work — to 250,000 in Tanzania’s fastest growing urban slum with a “net zero health campus under development — to 2 Million through her Diffusion medical education portal with our Facebook/ partner.

Dr. Shaikh is a global leader in human centered design and a regular participant at innovation, technology and global health forums.

Sample Topics

Digital Gamified Global Health Education to >65 Countries and in >10 Languages

Diffusion: Medical Education Using Games in the Third World Utilizing Informatics to Promote Delivery of Family Medicine to Millions

Soluna Health: New mind body services added to comprehensive health and wellness services

Revolutionizing the Medical Industry

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