Jesper Beck

Jesper is the founder of Audacious who provide trend interpretation, advise leaders to see and act on changing business dynamics, and engage in ventures with exponential potential.

Before Audacious, Jesper served as Head of Innovation at Deloitte Denmark where he simultaneously built and co-headed the Clients & Markets department- with personally assigned responsibilities for addressing supervisory boards and senior executives on the topics of tomorrow. Jesper has prior experience within the management consulting field of finance- both within acquisition finance, and private equity. He has been part of core teams behind a number of Nordic and European carve-outs and restructuring, as well as having worked and lived in London, Paris, and the Nordics.

As part of Deloitte’s Global Retail Industry group, having been assigned on various retail projects, Jesper holds research and hands-on insight into the industry.

Jesper has a master’s degree in finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Sample Topics

Customer Experiences in an Exponential World

The widespread effects of technological developments have had a great impact upon consumers behavior and their expectations. Whilst certain fundamentals have remained intact, new consumer groups, trends, and behavioral patterns are disrupting existing market- and business perceptions. To maintain the crucial loyalty, we all need to re-evaluate who we service as customers, and how we do so. This session guides you to take an unapologetic customer perspective, and outlines the fundamentals your business needs in order to create amazing customer experiences and stay relevant in an exponential world.

Board Governance

Technological development has opened the floodgates for new business opportunities, along with new ways to penetrate markets. Its significance to our current way of doing business is unprecedented, and is rewriting some of our most fundamental business theories – with only a few taking notice. However, whilst organizations are starting to adjust to the new terms of business on a sporadic basis, a thorough update for corporate governance practices is well overdue. This session guides you to key elements for corporate governance in an exponential world, with a special focus on a new role for the supervisory board.


The finance industry has benefitted from being an early adopter of computers and an end-to-end digitisation of markets. As technological developments have advanced and cross-impacts of these developments materialise, some of the most fundamental pillars of finance are being challenged. Given the finance industry’s pivotal role for distribution wealth, over time, changes to the finance industry will have impacts far beyond increased competition within the industry. This session draws up scenarios and the beginnings of discussion about what impact the exponential advancing technologies will have on the industry, society- and what being a banker is to become.

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