Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez is a 10XInnovation Activator and Mindset Strategist.  As a multi-award-winning Inventor, Adventurer, Journalist and Educator, Sally has unique experience practicing, observing, teaching and advocating for innovation. Sally has updated Design Thinking with her ADVENTUROUS THINKING methodology, designed to promote the agile mindset needed for consistently innovative practices. Sally currently broadcasts a DAILY FUTURE video report with fellow futurist Mark Pesce.

As Innovation Strategy & Design Program Director as Singularity University Sally has designed and delivered programs to activate the Adventurous10X Mindset needed to flourish in the unrelenting change of the Fourth Revolution.  Sally is now on Faculty at Singularity, specializing in Resilience, Leadership, Smart Cities, Future Forecasting and the Future of Transport.  Sally also co-hosts TheNextBillionCars podcast , leveraging her Car of the Year expertise to comment on the future of transport.

ADVENTUROUS THINKING forces “bearable discomfort” thinking for a thriving 10X Mindset.  No longer is design thinking reactive.  Using the Five Lens tools to alternately converge and proliferate thinking, ADVENTUROUS THINKING enables users to think outside their default “expert” neural pathways, and re-ignite the curious mindset that is the key to consistent innovation.  ADVENTUROUS THINKING is the key to creating strategy for accelerating change, and results in growth: personal, professional and company-wide.

The ADVENTUROUS THINKING 10X Mindset strategy has been used internationally by numerous Fortune500 companies including Genentech, Caterpillar and P&G as well as NASA, the Shenzhen government, Australian education system, Dubai Tourism, Clif Bar, Breville and more.  ADVENTUROUS THINKING workshops run at Stanford, Start-se and Singularity and the strategy was presented as part of the SXSW Frugal Innovation panel in 2016.  Sally has taught ADVENTUROUS THINKING as a means to integrate innovation into the Australian school curriculum for the Association of Independent Schools and the Catholic Schools Office.

Sally’s passion is “leveling up” human ingenuity by activating every persons’ creative and innovative thinking potential.  In 2020 she will launch EPIC Resilience, a wellness program designed to ensure personal resilience in the face of unrelenting change.

Sample Topics

Adventurous 10X Mindset

Covers intro to Exponentials and the mindset needed for an exponential world, uses Adventurous Thinking lenses (Parkour for short talks, Parkour plus often ReThinking for longer) plus the Innovation Quadrant tool for mapping innovation. This talk not only describes the difference between linear and exponential thinking, it activates the 10X mindset using the extreme disruption lens of Parkour.

Workshop: Adventurous Thinking

Adventurous Thinking workshop: runs as a 2 x 5 hr at Stanford each semester (1 credit course) and tailors down to a 1 or even 1/2 day workshop depending on whether one wants overview, product pipeline development or other insights. Presents the Five Lenses which use the theory of multiple intelligences to provoke users into a state of bearable discomfort and enable them deeper understanding and insights into their issues, and a plethora of unexpected possibilities and solutions.

Supply Chain Rethink

The disruptions of COVID19 simply highlighted a meltdown of traditional supply chain norms that were already overdue. From the old school tracking and complex manual border systems to the aging energy grids and an over reliance on globalization and economics of scale versus more resilient decentralized or vertically integrated options, supply chain needs a fundamental rethink. The Fourth Revolution is transforming the world, delivering machine learning and exponential technologies that need to be met and harnessed with big, adventurous thinking and human creativity. Now is the time to consider every aspect of supply.
What assumptions are you making along your supply chain? Are these assumptions still relevant in the Fourth Revolution? What 10X technologies could transform aspects of your supply chain from energy source to packaging and distribution? What are the unexpected opportunities and partnerships presented by this era of disruption and change? Where can you find new growth?

Future of Mobility

Based on the NextBillionCars podcast interviews and research as well as my 10 years judging cars and researching design, sustainable materials and alternative energy drivetrains and trends. Why are we trending away from car ownership? is that trend a real reflection of the enduring expectation of families and older generations to own vehicles and fill them with stuff? Where does the WUN (Working Urban Nomad, a new growing demographic identified by me during my IKEA 2030 research) fit into cities? A talk looking at the less talked about bleeding edge human side of future vehicles and technologies.

Leadership in the Digital Age

Leading through transparency. Includes the CV of Failure exercise and how to model transparent leadership and incorporate failure into expectations and performance reviews.


Resilience, a new one covering sustainable cities and resilience at personal and building level as a necessary future competency. Still working on this but its born of my IKEA 2030 research and my background as architect and designer of tiny houses, modular living and decentralized energy.

Unlocking Prosperity Through Circular Economies

Circular economy is an economic model that aims to minimize waste and maximize the efficient use of resources by promoting the reuse, recycling, and regeneration of materials. In an age of exponential change, and with constant converging of traditional verticals in industry, circular thinking has never been more relevant.

Highlighting the limitations and unsustainability of the traditional linear economy model, Sally explores the transformative potential of circular economies and their ability to drive sustainable development while unlocking new, more inclusive, economic opportunities. Sally’s deep experience in circular thinking enables her to not only access compelling case studies to illustrate the environmental, social and financial benefits of circular economies, but also to co-create sustainable, effective circular concepts with participants.

Co-Creating Circular Systems for Growth and Sustainable Efficiency

It has never been more important to consider the complete, circular systems of services, products and environments. In an era of uncertainty and distrust, circular service systems create growth when customers are invited into a safe and inspiring community, and when they then invite like-minded people to join also. Circular systems ask “What else can we do?’, adding value to their offerings and creating loyalty in return. Sally’s deep experience with circular systems in product design, energy looping and up-cycling, and her understanding of the particular requirements of GenerationZ, enable her to co-create sustainable, effective systems that equally benefit the organization and the consumer. Using the Purpose work and Moonshot Thinking strategies that she has honed with companies like SONY Corporation, Honeywell, Abbott and many others, combined with her working experience as an inventor on the bleeding edge of materials and energy innovation, Sally activates big-scale, impactful thinking that is then honed by the expertise of participants into actionable, circular systems.

Introduction to Exponentials

Outlines the fundamental difference between linear and exponential thinking, the metrics we need to focus on in the Fourth Revolution, and the common characteristics of exponential technologies and exponential organizations. This keynotes provokes thinking around unexpected and accelerated convergence, and emphasizes the importance of authentic purpose and inclusive innovation for any individual or organization seeking to flourish with impact.

Exploring Exponential Systems 2023 and Beyond

Details the evolution from exponential organizations to larger exponential systems. Outlines the fundamental difference between linear and exponential thinking, and the importance of Purpose for strategizing in exponential change. Examines proactive strategies including preto-typing and prosumer models, and convergence of B2B and B2C in the reach for consumer data.This keynotes provokes thinking around unexpected and accelerated convergence, and emphasizes the importance of authentic purpose and inclusive innovation for any individual or organization seeking to flourish with impact.

10X Leadership: Leading with Vision and Inclusion

Never has it been more important to lead with hope, and with vision. Purpose and Trust are fundamental in guiding strategy through exponential change. This keynote first explores the role of Purpose – how it can provoke moonshot thinking as well as strategy – then moves into inclusion and how every stakeholder might be part of consistent growth. Examining strategies for structured idea sharing,  and using case studies and challenges around unexpected convergences, this keynote is fast-paced, thought-provoking and effective.

A Bright Green, Circular Energy Future

Sally works as an inventor working at the bleeding edge of renewable technologies, including wave energy, current energy and  – her particular passion – affordable green hydrogen. This keynote includes her insights on new battery technology, affordable energy storage options, Circular economy innovations and future directions in transportation and building energy systems. Exploring resilience and decentralized energy solutions, Sally also poses the question: if we have abundant renewable resources for energy generation, can we remove the focus on efficiency and thus serve more people?


  • An overview of current research in green hydrogen, wave energy, offshore wind
  • An overview of current thinking around energy storage options with an emphasis on either circular lithium, or Li-alternatives
  • Insights into designing circular systems at various scales
  • Insights into the potential of decentralized systems and micro-factories

Next Generation Expectations & Behaviors

Sally works on disruptive digital strategies around next generation expectations with organizations including IKEA, Rockwell Automation, PepsiCO and Citi. Sally is Generation X, with a keen interest in GenerationZ (25 years and under). Sally’s book, EPIC Resilience, has unexpectedly resonated with GenerationZ readers in their 20s, resulting in wide-ranging, first-hand feedback on what these consumers are looking for, and what they expect in a job and in a product or service. Sally’s expertise in GenZ expectations is based on research from around the world, and first-hand feedback and interaction with teenagers and 20-somethings in Latin America, Australia and the USA.


  • Insights into the particular demands of GenZ
  • Exploration of prosumer and co-creation models inside and outside an organization
  • Concepts for a rich, interactive, online environment serving all generations

Future-Forward Resilience

Explores modern resilience as a system for finding opportunity in the chaos of constant change. This keynote covers decentralized systems, exponential systems, co-creative ecosystems and a rethink of how we define work, home, travel and comfort. Examines the convergence of many of the life and business verticals we take for granted, to find opportunity for growth, for new businesses and for new communities.

The 10X Human: Resilient, Transparent, Ingenious

This new era of relentless exponential change has left many people feeling powerless, overwhelmed, even inconsequential. In the rush to celebrate 10X technology the human element has been neglected.  But in the Singularity, Machine Intelligence is met with Human Ingenuity.  Human ingenuity is that unique, underexplored ability that every human brain has to make unexpected connections and imaginative leaps and to delve in the realm of possibility. Human creativity is unparalleled.

Modern business has generally valued knowledge and rational thinking over imagination, possibility and moonshot thinking.  As the Fourth Revolution upends traditional business practices around the world, unleashing the creative power of our human capital is the key to consistent growth. The future of work is not prediction and analysis, it is imagination and creation.  The future of leadership is not control and hierarchy, it is trust, transparency, and inclusion.  Living with relentless change means cultivating the personal resilience, mental and physical, to constantly work at the edge of chaos – and flourish.  This new era requires a new way of thinking and a new way of being.

Every person deserves the chance to level up their ingenuity and creativity,  and to reignite their curiosity. 10X Humans wielding 10X technology will achieve incredible things.

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