Kent Langley

Kent is the Co-Founder and Chief Science officer of OpenExO the home of the 6200+ OpenExO Community and the ExO World event series.

Kent is the Co-Founder of, the premium digital event experience in the marketplace.

Kent has been faculty in AI, ExO, Data Science, & Blockchain for Singularity University since 2013 with along side many of the worlds leading thinkers and doers.

Kent is a Co-Founder of Fluid Chains, the premier blockchain for impact organization focusing on crypto-enabling innovation hubs in cities around the world. Fluid Chains is the creator of the ExO Economy, the blockchain for the OpenExO Community. Rutanio, the blockchain for the Colombian innovation and business ecosystem, and more.

A coach, a futurist, a technology and organization builder, Kent’s Massive Transformative Purpose is to Empower People with Technology.

Sample Topics

Exponential Data

The history and power of data with concrete advice and next steps on how to proceed.

Data Activation

Leverage the Transformative Power of Data for Creating Innovative New Products and Services

Artificial Intelligence

AI is changing everything. If the software is eating the world it’s standing on a foundation of data. Only Humans successfully leveraging AI has the capability to thrive in a world like that.

Cloud Computing

For those companies that have been slow to jump on the cloud bandwagon, this is your final wake up call and when you leave this interactive, live coding, the session you’ll know exactly what you have to do.

ExO Awake Session

This session is special. It’s designed very specifically as a wake-up call for organizations that wish to become Exponential Organizations and leverage, instead of being crushed by, new exponential technologies.

The Fastrack for Civic Transformation and Innovation

As the architect of the Fastrack digital transformation process for cities and having run half a dozen such projects in multiple cities, Kent can help any team understand the Fastrack Framework and how to apply to their cities needs.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • Blockchain
  • Tokenization
  • Crypto Currencies

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