Kyle Hermans

My purpose is to Activate Extraordinary Potential. My mission is to positively shape the thinking and actions of the world through courageous action. I am fascinated by the creative relationship between people, strategic change and how the two interact. I believe we all have powerful untapped potential within us, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. I believe when we tap into our inner courage anything can be achieved.

I am the Founder, CEO of Be Courageous, the global, digital first, business consultancy, unlocking the breakthroughs necessary in culture, strategy, technology and Innovation to build and transform the world’s most ambitious and courageous leaders and brands.

I have collectively advised, facilitated, trained and keynoted over 2500+ sessions to more than 500+ brands in over 20+ countries across a broad range of industries and cultures. I am driven to help deliver global organizations and their leaders to breakthroughs, solving complex challenges and creating and managing change.

I am co founder of Digitized.Live, Adjunct faculty with Singularity University in the areas of Innovation, Strategy, Exponential Leadership and Exponential Enterprises. I am a member of the Forbes Business Council for San Francisco. I hold a BA in Marketing and Design. I am a certified Master practitioner of NLP in both North America and Europe; a Master Practitioner of TRIZ problem-solving, analysis and forecasting in patterns of invention in global patent literature; I hold a master certification in innovation facilitation and training.

I am a featured writer, guest lecturer and keynote speaker. Apart from helping the growth and transformation in others, I am a performing and recording musician and compete in Ironman triathlons.

Previously, I held positions of: Partner at Lippincott owned by Oliver Wyman, Head of Employee Experience at Old Navy Global, Senior Director of Innovation Capacity and Organizational Effectiveness at GAP inc, Principal and Head of West Coast division of Synecticsworld, Co founder of Bamboo (Acquired and Integrated into Synectics), Founder of Dynamik Design (Acquired and integrated into Altran).

Sample Topics

Global Trends Overview

A key competency for the Future leaders of any organization is to observe, analyze, assess and take action on the global trends that are reshaping, transforming and impacting our businesses, societies, economies, cultures, and personal lives. In this interactive talk we will provide the insights to develop an understanding of the implications, influences, and opportunities of the Key Mega trends that are advancing our integration and hyper connectivity with technology, increasing society standards, disrupting and fragmenting politics, shifting economic powers, impacting the importance of environmental focus, and other key drivers that are redefining our future world. From Next Gen Workforce, Technology Breakthroughs, Increased lifespan, Emerging economies, Transparency, Digitization, to Increased strain on planetary resources, Sharing economy, Industry consolidation, Rapid Urbanization and more. Understanding these disruptive forces will allow leaders and their organizations to prepare, create, and invest more effectively. The future is for the courageous.

Activating Exponential Change

Altitudes of Leadership – leading transformation

Leading with courage

Leading digital transformation – Moving from analogue to digital

Path to Purpose

Mastering creative problem solving

Untethered – mastering the mindset for an exponential future

Activating 10X Leadership

Activating 10X Enterprise

Introduction to Exponentials – from scarcity to abundance

How to thrive in a digital world

Change Mapping – Unlock corporate transformation

Becoming a challenge culture – Learn through doing

The power of creative thinking

Breakthrough impossible with design thinking

From SME to Global growth

Living with purpose – setting and achieving courageous milestones

Advance through Disruption – unlock breakthrough thinking

Disrupting internal business units

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