Valter Adão

Barcelona. Sant Cugat del Valles 12/11/14 - Hewlett Packard. Scott Schiller- Photo: Vicens Gimenez/ HP

As a faculty member of SingularityU South Africa, Valter Adão is recognised as an expert in the fields of disruptive innovation, business re-imagination and emerging technologies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He also holds an MSc and an MBA, and has trained with Roger Martin, as a master strategist.

As Deloitte Africa’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer and a member of the firm’s Global Innovation Executive, he works at the intersect of strategic and innovative thinking with emerging technologies and design. Valter is also one of the founders of Monitor Deloitte and leader of Deloitte Digital in the region. In his role, he guided organisations beyond potential disruption, towards creating new opportunities for relevance, growth and expansion by contextualising and leveraging emerging technologies and disruptive trends.

Valter is a corporate entrepreneur with extensive experience in venturing and commercialising businesses across a number of industries. He works with CEOs of leading organisations to scale innovative and impactful technology and concepts into high growth, sustainable entities.

He is the recipient of the Constellation Research Transformation 150 Award, which recognises the top global executives that are leading digital business transformation efforts. He was also recently selected as a finalist for South Africa’s Digital Industry Professional of the Year by The South African Professional Services Academy.

Valter is deeply passionate about the use of emerging technologies at scale, to “do-good” in society by creating sustainable economic opportunity, prosperity, and dignity for all; especially the populations of emerging markets and specifically those in Africa.

Sample Topics

The Future of Work

How to Develop a Socially Just and Inclusive Economy in Africa

Digital Transformation

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