Michael Gillam

Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP, is CEO and Founder of HealthLab, a discovery automation company for big data in healthcare. He is dual board certified in emergency medicine and medical informatics. Dr. Gillam served as a partner level executive in Microsoft and is former founding director of the Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Lab. He helped build and sell companies to both WebMD and Microsoft. Dr. Gillam has over ten years experience directing innovation labs in Washington D.C. and Microsoft spanning projects including: big data, machine intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), gesture based interfaces, electronic and personal health records (EHRs & PHRs), augmented reality, and medical robotics.

Dr. Gillam has served as Chair of Informatics for both the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the American College of Emergency Physicians. He has advised health ministries, Fortune 500 companies, and NGOs regarding their healthcare data strategies nationally and internationally including China and the Middle East. He served as the Chief Clinical Judge for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, Judge on the Nokia Sensing XPRIZE, and Judge for the IBM AI XPRIZE.

Sample Topics

Data Innovation Strategy

Software is eating the world and AI is eating software. It is said if your company isn’t becoming a software company, it will be disrupted by one that is. At the core of business strategy today is understanding how to weave data into a competitive digital strategy. From basecamps to base layers, virtuous data cycles, data exhaust, digital frontiers, and inevitable futures – this talk focuses on how companies have stepped away from traditional physical assets and transformed themselves to embrace digital first strategies.

Future Data 2033

This talk focuses on the “inevitable futures” expected over the next 15 years in data. This talk can stand-alone or it can follow the Exponential Data talk. Virtually every big company today was built from a foundation of new data that was never before available. As a result, this talk covers the myriad new sensors and technologies that are unlocking new classes of exotic data from our environment, our bodies and minds. These are the data sources expected to create the world’s next largest companies.

Future Data 2033: Sensors, Strategy & Survival in the Data Age

Answering the question “when” can be the difference between the blockbuster launch of the iPhone or the canceled Apple Newton. New classes of data are at the foundation of the biggest companies today: Amazon couldn’t have launched without a digital catalog of books, Uber and Lyft couldn’t exist without digital maps. From exotic new sensors, to ambient data capture, citizen data vaults for sharing, and new forms of privacy encryption, this talk paints a picture of the myriad new summits of “inevitable futures” for data expected over the next 15 years for those who plan to create value in the disruptive decades ahead.

Exponential Data: Thriving and Surviving in the Age of Big Data

It is said that if your company is not a software company today, it will be beaten by a competitor that is. Strategies with data are core to that transition. Pressures from the pandemic have shifted digital into even greater focus. Data is bigger and faster than ever before. Exponentially advancing trends in machine intelligence, big compute, data automation, sensors and the Internet of Things is changing every aspect of our approach to business. From data liquidity to centricity, late binding and virtuous cycles, the foundations for building data strategies are more important than ever for surviving in this age of exponentials and a post COVID world.

Inevitable Futures & Base Layers: Innovation Strategies for the Digital Age

In a world that is changing exponentially, there are questions every company has to answer. Whether one’s company grows in the digital age is a function not only of execution but also new foundations. This talk covers examples of how companies build strategies around inevitable futures and build base layers to be a part of those futures.

Exponential Medicine: The Future is Closer than You Think

Some say healthcare trends are linear and point to costs that are rising and treatments that are slow to arrive. This limited view sees islands of stasis while missing oceans of exponential change. Exponential trends in miniaturization, gene therapeutics, machine learning, robotics, energy, and computation are transforming the future opportunities in healthcare. This talk aims to catapult companies forward to glimpse the leading scalpel’s edge of digital health trends to help those ride and thrive on the next waves of revolution in healthcare.

An Introduction to Exponential Thinking: The Six D’s of the Digital Age

From the six D’s characterizing the disruptive trends of the digital age to the major principles underlying exponential thinking, with examples spanning a broad variety of fields, this talk builds a foundation for applying exponential thinking for making an impact today and through the disruptive years ahead.

The Future of Human Performance

New sensors and medical progress are extending what’s possible. What are the capacities of the human mind and body that healthcare is beginning to unlock? This talk covers the intriguing advances unlocking maximum performance today and the promises just ahead.

An Introduction to the Technologic Singularity

What is the Technologic Singularity and what does it mean to you, your work and your company? This talk combines advances in technology, machine intelligence, medicine and neuroscience to give an introduction to the principles of the Singularity and its implications for every field of endeavor.

Artificial Intelligence

Citizen Data Vaults

Data for Deep Learning

Digital Health & Biology

Future of Healthcare

Innovation Architectures

Data and Wearables

Neuroscience and the Future of the Human Mind

Personal Health Records

The Future of Privacy

Robotic Process Automation

The Future of Digital Simulation

Bioterrorism and Emerging Diseases Surveillance

Data Opportunities from Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality

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