Amin Toufani

Amin is the CEO of T Labs and the creator of He is known for his pioneering work on developing the world’s first scientific quantification of adaptability in individuals and organizations called the Adaptability Quotient (AQ).

Amin’s primary focus is pattern recognition: finding new ways of making sense of the world. His secondary focus is creation: putting patterns to work to try to build super useful things. His tertiary focus is protection: using tech & common sense to improve lives & livelihoods.  

Amin has lectured in 35 countries and advised 10 governments on his economic framework called Exonomics™ (Exponential Economics & Exponential Business Models) which offers predictive models for the impact of accelerating technologies on individuals, organizations, and societies. He is a parallel entrepreneur, leading projects at T Labs In AI, blockchain, human longevity, quantitative finance, cognitive performance, and Zeromics (stage zero disease diagnostics).

Amin has degrees in artificial intelligence, economic policy, and an MBA. He pursued and received graduate degrees from Harvard and Stanford at the same time.

Sample Topics

AQ (Adaptability Quotient)™

The world is changing exponentially fast. This means that our ability to respond to change has become the strongest predictor of our success. In this session, we will discuss insights from a multi­year project examining the characteristics of exponential teams that operate at extreme efficiency, autonomy, and creativity. We will especially focus on the concept of AQ (Adaptability Quotient) ­ and explore what affects our ability to respond to change as individuals and teams.

Exonomics™ (Exponential Economics)

Exponential technologies have profound effects on how economies function. Exponential Economics – or Exonomics – is the study of this emerging new world and its implications for individuals, businesses and governments. The talk covers unifying themes among disruptive trends in business strategy, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economic policy, and risk management.

Exponential Business Models™

We studied more than 250 businesses that have experienced exponential growth in recent years. In the process, we discovered layers of patterns commonly shared across these businesses that encompass their approach to organizational structure, leadership style, value proposition, delivery system, and adaptability and culture. In this lecture we summarize our findings and discuss how any business model has the potential to be transformed into an exponential one.

Adaptive Leadership & Exponential Teams

Future of Finance, Fintech, and Banking

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Blockchain & DLT

Human Longevity

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