Mark Nasila

Dr Mark Nasila is the Chief Analytics Officer of FNB Risk. As an experienced AI, data science and analytics expert, he has ensured that the techniques and methodologies that he has introduced into FNB are at the forefront of where banking is headed both locally and internationally. Some of his career highlights & awards include: Developer and the brain behind Manila, an AI system FNB has been harnessing to reimagine its risk management and forensic due diligence processes, which was also featured as part of the Corinuim’s top 25 Global 2020 data and analytics industry greatest achievements, responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and plans for the future.

Dr Nasila is recognised locally and internationally as a leading force in the development of new and up and coming techniques and methodologies, within the highly competitive areas of AI, data science and machine learning. Dr Nasila has presented at local and international conferences such as the Business-Tech Digital Banking Conference – South Africa; the Chief Data & Analytics Officer forums in the South Africa and the UK and the European Simulation & Modelling Conference.

He is also a PhD and Masters co-supervisor and external examiner at various universities in South Africa in the AI, data science and statistics areas. Dr Nasila has published and written opinion pieces in the BusinessDay, Daily Maverick, CIO Talk Network ,, Corinium Intelligence and the European Simulation & Modelling association. Mark holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from the Nelson Mandela University – South Africa, and is also a SingularityU South Africa Executive programme alumni. He was named one of the Corinium Global Intelligence “2020 Global Top 100 Innovators in data and analytics”.

Sample Topics

Artificial Intelligence vs Automation

Machine Learning

The Imperative for Strong Data Science Governance in a Data Driven Environment

The Changing Face of AI


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