Pernille Lytzen


Pernille Lytzen is an experienced business & concept developer, AV specialist, ideation practitioner and inspirational speaker.

Pernille is the founder & CEO of tGrace, a business-, product- & people development consultancy with one great purpose: To help bring down Co2 emissions from transport by engaging in projects that help build a new, sustainable world of transportation.

tGrace specializes in electric & autonomous mobility, mobility designs for women and the upcoming transport revolution. The company collaborates with both private companies and public organizations and has just launched the MOWEN project, which sets out to build tomorrow’s sustainable mobility platform for women. 

Before tGrace, Pernille took part in building what became one of Europe’s largest operators of autonomous vehicles. Pernille joined as employee number two and when she left after three years the company had grown to 65+ people, had launched autonomous vehicles in 5 countries across Scandinavia and the Baltics – and were flying drones. Throughout Pernille’s time in the company she functioned as swiss army knife across the business and sat on the management team as Business Development Director. 

As a speaker, Pernille has given lectures and held inspirational talks on international & national stages for the last +12 years. She is used to both large conference stages, c-level meeting rooms as well as educational setups. Pernille is a former TedX side stage speaker and external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. 

Pernille holds a Master of Science in Business Administration & Psychology from Copenhagen Business School, specializing in creativity and innovation.

Sample Topics

How to dismantle the autopilot in your brain and be able to get new ideas

The meeting is called “brainstorming”. You dedicated precious time to get the important new ideas you really need. Got the post-its. And maybe even traveled to a “creative space” outside the office. 

And still you end up with ideas and solutions that look very much like….nothing new.

95% of the time our brains function on autopilot. In this mode our minds grab hold of previous learnings, professional logic and “rules of concepts” that we are familiar with. And so we end up dealing with the future, solving problems, ideating and designing new solutions, based on the reality and structures we know from the past. Or said in another way: We end up “prolonging the world with boards” and creating solutions that look very much like the ones we have today. Simply because we are not aware of the autopilot mode – and because we don’t know how to pause it, when needed.

In this inspirational talk Pernille will show you how to do exactly that: Pause logic, rules and concepts as you know it – and thereby enabling your brains to create new connections and get new ideas. You will get to know 5 very simple tools which are ready to use instantly:

  • List the rules – and break them
  • Forced connections
  • Playing with logic & time
  • Time constraints & idea quotas

It’s not rocket science – but it might end up creating some.

Need more than a lecture? 

Pernille also does this lecture in a workshop format: During a half or a whole day, you and your team will get a thorough introduction to the five tools – and more importantly: Get a chance to practice each of them together in small groups, learning what it’s like to be an ideation facilitator along the way.

Mobility design for women

How are the AVs rolling out in Europe?

Implementing autonomous vehicles: Greatest learnings

Denmark: Second largest bicycling nation in the world

The sustainable entrepreneurship

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