Christine Kelly

Christine is a designer, educator and entrepreneur with decades of innovation experience. With a background in art, psychology, and industrial design, she’s passionate about using design to influence behavior and solve human centered problems in a meaningful way.

Before joining Superhuman-X, Christine was the Managing Director of Design and Innovation at Singularity University, where she worked with a team of designers, analysts and futurists to imagine new technology enabled solutions. During her time at SU, she mentored impact startups, worked with Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations like The World Food Programme and NASA.

Her consulting work has spanned the fields of robotics, finance, education and healthcare. She founded a children’s organic clothing brand and has years of experience working with early stage internet start-ups. Her work has earned multiple awards from the Industrial Designers Society of American (IDEA) and Dyson Eye for Why.

Christine’s lectured at San Jose State University and California College of the Arts and is on the Advisory Board for Women in Innovation (WIN), a Global organization focused on closing the gender gap in innovation.

Sample Topics

Design Thinking

Human Centered Design

Future Forecasting

Customer Experience


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