Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis is an Executive Coach and the founder of Futurosity, and the Coaching From Essence training program for executive coaches. He has almost 30 years of experience across global companies—spanning startups, mid-stage, Fortune 500 giants, and non-profits—and guides leaders to take their impact to the next level at any stage of growth.

With proven strength in coaching Robert has coached entrepreneurs and CEOs to become better leaders, think more strategically, create high performing teams, foster future-friendly cultures, and deliver compelling presentations—including several high-profile IPO roadshows. This has earned him praise as “one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.”

Robert has coached entrepreneurs in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, helping late-early to mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses to the next level. He teaches leadership and coaches entrepreneurs at Singularity University, and developed Level UP, the leadership curriculum for the Global Startup Program. He has also taught “Facing Challenge, Navigating Change: Leadership and ‘The Hero’s Journey,’” an 8-week course at Stanford University using Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” as a framework to explore mindsets and skillsets for leading yourself and others on a heroic journey in business and in life.

Sample Topics

Creating a Future-Friendly Culture

We live in the age of pandemics, when VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) seems an understatement, and when the present seems so perilous that most of us are impatient to return to a new normal. How did we get here? And how can organizations avoid creating their own version of a world gone wrong, and use the same exponential principles to create a future that’s better than we can imagine? This session will provide frameworks for understanding what culture really is, how it impacts an organization’s ability to shape its future, and how to create a culture that can transform uncertainty into opportunity.

Leading From the Future

We live in perilous times, but uncertainty also creates possibilities. Are you leading from the future—or reacting to the present and recreating the past? This session will provide frameworks for understanding what culture really is, how it impacts an organization’s ability to shape its future, and how to create a culture that can transform uncertainty into opportunity.

How to Get Lucky

Luck plays a huge role in success; here’s how to optimize for it. This talk will cover the skill sets and mindsets for optimizing for serendipity, or “happy chance.” We’ll cover the four kinds of serendipity and how to increase your odds of positive outcomes, whether you’re building your network, looking for more creative solutions to design problems, or looking for clarity when you—or your team—feel lost.

Inside Extraordinary Teams

What distinguishes the highest performing teams from those that produce mediocre results? Most people think it’s about things like motivation, a meaningful vision, well-defined roles and responsibilities, and rewards and recognition. All of those are necessary, but none of them account for how some teams achieve extraordinary performance.

This interactive session, ideal for intact teams, introduces a new way of thinking about how teams bond and produce remarkable results.

Selling the Future

The future is full of possibilities, but it’s also full of uncertainties. It inspires excitement—and dread. How do you weave a vision of the future that can move your organization, your team, your investors, or your customers to compel them to join you? In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn how to craft your content, tune your instrument (your body language and voice), and enhance your presence so you can present your vision with complete confidence.

Coaching From Essence

Navigating the Dark Ally

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