Dave McCaughan

Dave has over 35 years of experience as a marketing and advertising strategist. Originally from Sydney he has since 1995 lived and worked in Asia, based in Bangkok, Hongkong, Tokyo and a super frequent visitor for projects in China, Korea, India, Bangladesh and just about everywhere else in the region. Dave held the role of Head of Consumer Insights and Asia Pacific Head of Strategy Planning for global advertising giant McCann for most of that time and then in 2015 established his own brand story consultancy, BIBLIOSEXUAL that helps brands understand the cross section of “people, media and brand”.

In 2017 he also helped establish Ai.agency, a virtual collective of marketing consultants that use AI based market research platforms to understand the narratives driving business, markets, categories and brands.

Dave has worked with brands like TESLA, Uber, NISSAN, Cathay Pacific, L’ORÉAL, SHISEIDO, TATA, CLSA, Pfizer and others to understand subjects such as “the impact of ageing Asia on markets and marketing”, “attitudes to technology”, “the role of social media in people’s lives”, “wellness trends and their application” and “business from beauty to beverages to automobiles”.

In recent years, Dave has become increasingly involved in helping companies understand how patients and practitioners understand health and wellness, and he has also become involved in developing focused short and mid term trends priorities for companies of many types.

Sample Topics

The History of Men’s Underwear: How Innovation Really Develops

Using the somewhat funny category of men’s underwear as an example Dave explores how categories really grow, where real technology breakthroughs come from, and how companies can identify which innovations to pursue.

My Mum’s Throne Room: Why Toilets Remain The Key Social Medium

Using the history of toilets and their current role as the defining technology of being a “developed” market or community, Dave explores what “social media” really means, how people prioritise mediums and technologies, and how to understand the real role of your technology in their lives.

Which Narrative Matters: Using AI Research Tools to Understand What Will Transform

Using AI driven platforms that explore, discover and track the key narratives around any subject and how to decide what will transform in the future.

New Life Builders: Understanding The Ageing Population and Why That Is A Good Thing

30 years of tracking increasing ageing in countries around the world and how attitudes of the 60-100 age groups is changing and opening new opportunities.

Wellness Matters: The Booming World of Want Something “Well” In Everything

Having advised the Global Wellness Institute for a number of years, Dave brings experience of advising brands in categories from beauty to oral care to OTC to prescription drugs to auto makers and tea makers on the role of wellness, what people understand and expect, and how companies should approach wellness issues.

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