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Chipp is a C-level executive, P&L owner, and operator with a track record of driving efficient and profitable growth for venture-backed startups ranging from early revenue to a $60M+ run rate. He is known as an empathetic and dependable leader passionate about helping mission-driven companies achieve their full potential and building high-performance cultures based on trust and collaboration. 

As the COO of Hum Capital, Chipp led the company from the early revenue stage to achieve US$12 million in annual revenue and EBITDA profitability by developing new revenue streams, reducing costs, and implementing a professionalized management system. Chipp also brought a strong focus on building a collaborative and inclusive culture to Hum, helping to earn the company a spot on Forbes’ list of Best Startup Employers in March 2023. 

Before Hum, Chipp held multiple roles at Singularity University, most notably growing the Open Enrollment Executive Education business at an annual 38% growth rate to achieve US$15 million in annual revenue over four years. Previously, Chipp held roles at consulting firms McKinsey & Company, Synecticsworld, and Lante Corporation, leading projects across multiple industries, focused on strategy, new product development, and technology implementation. He also ran Onboard Revenue operations, a $450 million business unit at Royal Caribbean International, overseeing a growth of more than 15% over two years.

Chipp holds an MBA and an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Business Administration from Indiana University, with specializations in Computer Information Systems and Finance. He has extensive international work experience across multiple geographies, including Australia, Latin America, and Western Europe. Chipp is also an active volunteer as a board member, committee chair, and mentor for several organizations in the Austin area.

Sample Topics


While Traditional metrics like ROA/ROI/ ROIC are calculated using financial statements, Return on Potential (ROPo) can only be answered by our instincts and intuition.  While that may make it sound like a soft metric, ROPo is anything but. If you ask most CEOs if they believe their company is truly maximizing the potential of its ideas, people, position in the market, and other advantages it may have, you’re likely to get a clear, concise, and deeply felt answer. And that answer is very likely to be “No, we are not.” Although each company’s circumstances are different, there are typically three common themes that arise when asking a team about what is holding their company back from realizing its potential: Fear, Overwhelm, or Confusion (FOC). All of these add friction to teh day-to-day work of a company, slowing its decision-making and execution, sapping the spirit of its people, and ultimately hamstringing its grwth. 

Through the course of this talk, Chipp will cover the signs that a company is suffering from FearOverwhelm, and Confusion, and highlight an approach towards providing team members with the Confidence, Control, and Clarity (3C’s) they need to do their best work and successfully navigate an organization through the disruptive times we are working in to new levels of success. This approach, called Multidextrous Thinking, brings together elements of organizational psychology, strategy, operations, and other disciplines that increase a company’s ability to achieve its full potential. 

As an option, a diagnostic called the Multidextrous Index, can be given to the team in advance so that results can be analyzed and discussed to gauge a team’s belief as to whether the company is maximizing its ROPo and what factors within the company may be contributing that, or hindering it. 

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