Jannick B. Pedersen

Since 2010, I have spent considerable time studying exponential technologies and their impact on our future. I have attended several Singularity University programs, and I have co-authored “Face the Future”, co-founded DareDisrupt and arranged conferences and spoken to numerous audiences to reduce fear and unleash creativity. I am a positivist – I believe the future will be so much better.

I call myself an Impact Investor, because I believe that start ups can be effective tools to create positive change in the world – in a financially sustainable model. I have thus helped co-found and lead several start ups.

My passion is to help release the potential of individuals and organizations to create greater impact and results through innovation, leadership and strategy development.

I have successfully founded and run social entrepreneurships, non-profit and for profit organizations impacting job creation and competence development for thousands of people in more than 30 developed, emerging and developing countries.

My work experience comprises a range of settings from the United Nations and research organizations to small and large non-profit and for-profit organizations. I have spent considerable time and energy working against bribery and corruption – including supporting the successful mission of making the World Bank fight corruption – and remove tax deductability for bribes in the EU.

I personally enjoy both working directly with clients – speaking, facilitating innovation, leadership and strategy seminars, and working more indirectly as angel investor supporting entrepreneurs realize their dreams of establishing successful social enterprises and other ventures.

Jannick is also the author of the book Anti-age (in Danish).

Sample Talks

Introduction to Exponentials

Future of Health

Education and Public Sector

Exponential Mindset

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