Anders Hvid

Anders Hvid has 15+ years experience in business development and strategy consulting in IT. He is bridging the gap between technology and business. Anders Hvid co-founded Dare Disrupt with a mission to empower the minds of a million people. Together with his partner Jannick B. Pedersen he published the book Face the Future and he has been giving +100 keynotes over the last 12 months in more than 8 countries. In Denmark he is currently one of the most requested speakers and commentators in the media and press on the topic of emerging technology, disruption and the future of business and society.

Anders Hvid co-founded the Danish Global Impact Competition “Danske Ideer” – a five day training program in exponential thinking for 65 young researchers and entrepreneurs – today under the name Founders of Tomorrow funded by The Danish Industrial Foundation. He worked with Salim Ismail in the release of his book Exponential Organizations on establishing a global network of experts and consultants.

He has been appointed member of Research, Innovation and Science High Level Expert Group for the European Commission to support commissioner Carlos Moedas (research, science and innovation), and in Denmark he is represented in the Siri-commission headed by Ida Aukenand and also contributing member of an expert panel advising the Minister of Education.

Sample Topics

A Nordic Perspective to Digitization

Technology is everywhere in our society. How we work, live and relate to each other are changing. What kind of future are we creating and what kind of future do we want to create? In the US, the model seems to be ‘data for profit’ while in China is more ‘data for control’. Neither seems attractive or sustainable in a European context. We need a third way – a model where tech is supporting the core values of the Nordic countries. We might not be the ones who develop new technology, but we are leading in implementing it. In his presentation, Anders will introduce the need for a third model and how value-based innovation or sustainable disruption can be leveraged to guide us.

Exponential Mindset

Exponential Organizations

Disruptive Innovation

Future of Education

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