Louise Opprud Jakobsen

Louise is the Founder of FUTUREWORKS, an innovation agency based in Copenhagen/Scandinavia, that works in the intersection of emerging technology, innovation and organizational culture. She is also an Associate Partner at DareDisrupt. Over the past 10 years she has conducted more than 400+ innovation engagements with 250+ corporations from Scandinavia, the US and in Europe. She has worked with companies such as Google, McKinsey & Co, MSBR Space Center, Smart Dubai, Novo Nordisk, Angostura, Hyperisland, Børsen, LEGO, LEGO Venture Studio, Sony, Weekendavisen and many more – helping people expand their understanding of the digital opportunity space and build the mindset and skill set that allows them to realize their digital potential.

Louise spent the last 10 years in and out of Silicon Valley, designing innovation programs to distill the innovation knowledge from companies such as NASA, Airbnb, Facebook, Pixar, Stripe, OtherLab, X, Google, Pinterest and Apple. She is on a quest to understand the DNA of digital pioneers. She writes about new tech perspectives for Altinget and her work has been featured in DR, Børsen, TV2, Berlingske and Mandag Morgen. Together with tech pioneer Preben Mejer she authored the book 21st Century Mindset.

Formerly Louise worked at the Foreign Danish Ministry in Palo Alto (US) and afterwards spent 9 years as the Creative Lead of think tank Innovation Lab (DK). In her spare time, she and 6 co-founders runs Radius Distillery, a boutique distillery producing organic spirits with botanicals from their Estate, Oremandsgaard Gods. She loves philosophical and scientific high-flying discussions about how the gut-microbiome controls our thinking and how we might lead our lives with open ended questions.

Sample Talks

21st Century Skills & Mindset: what should you and your company learn in the next 3 years?

The NeuroScience of Creativity: How to use scientific brain strategies to enhance your innovation capability 300%

The world’s most Innovative Companies: 500+ interviews insights into the DNA of the global frontrunners


A huge thank you to you – the talk of the week is still your presentation! I believe you hit the audience right where we wanted to – everybody woke up – and were referring to your words throughout the days.
– Jeanett Dimsits, Sr. Director, Novo Nordisk

If you are looking for a truly inspiring and insightful talk, get Louise on board.
– Frans Østergaard, Google

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