Tiago Mattos


Recognized as one of the most prominent Brazilian futurists, Tiago is a faculty member at Singularity University (USA), as well as a former guest lecturer at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University (Israel) and University of Lisbon (Portugal).

He has already presented his ideas throughout four continents, being invited in 2018 to share his vision of the future at the UN, in Geneva.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a great diversity of new-economy startups, such as big data labs, digital platforms, coworking spaces, accelerators, in-class interaction apps, innovation schools, among others.

In 2020, Tiago was invited to be a part of the Brazilian edition of Letter To My Younger Self, along with Paul McCartney, Jamie Oliver, Ariana Huffington, Ozzy Osbourne, Danny DeVito. Also, during 2018, Tiago was a permanent columnist for Época Negócios magazine (Brazilian business magazine).

Currently, Tiago is one of the leaders of Aerolito: A laboratory for exploring futures scenarios.

His studies are directed mainly to digital culture, the future of work and new technologies.

During the past year, Tiago and Aerolito have presented their ideas to the international boards of companies such as Ambev/Inbev, Pepsico, Unilever, Tetrapak, Nestlé, Merck, Electrolux, and others.

Sample Topics

Futures Literacy

In 2020, the World Economic Forum published an article stating that Futures Literacy is the most important skill to make the world better after the pandemic. Interestingly enough, most people do not dominate this skill at all. In this lecture, Tiago Mattos explains what it is and how companies and their leaderships should embrace it to have efficient management.

Digital Transformation

Many people believe that the expression “Digital Transformation” is worn out. Maybe because they might not be familiar with the exact definition of it. People usually resort to empty, standardized definitions when trying to explain Digital Transformation. They are full of buzzwords, cliches and formulas, like “AI, Blockchain projects, building an app, 6d and EXO’s”. And those are definitely not the right answer. But, what is digital transformation after all? How do you make a diagnosis of the current level of digital maturity? And how do you plan the next steps from that diagnosis?


When Covid-19 came, many articles started stating that the “future’s leadership should be more adaptable, empathic, resilient, anti-fragile, human and horizontal.” All of this is definitely true. But those are pre-pandemic leadership matters and issues, not POST-pandemic. After March 2020, all of these are demanded from leaders – but something else: Futurality. A set of four elements that enable us to navigate better this new present-time that emerged.

Post-pandemic New Businesses

A lot of people state that in terms of digital transformation, 2020 was 10 year-worth of development. This should be celebrated – but also be a point of attention. We must understand what the new business paradigm that emerged after the pandemic started is. What are these companies, how are they operating, and why do they have all the tools to steal (quickly) a big chunk of market share from companies that still didn’t manage to adapt to these protocols properly.


The phrase “every business is a tech business, and now technology is no longer a market” has already become a cliche. Understanding the transversal impacts of this universe is an fundamental condition for better performance. In this lecture, Tiago Mattos presents updates on technology and new startups from different industries. So to, right after, deliver a great deep dive into your industry, with lots of provocative reflections to understand your next moves.

Sample Videos

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