Denis Rivin

Denis Rivin is a futurist, art historian and entrepreneur. He’s a tech scout, critical optimist and communicator of human progress. Associate partner in DareDisrupt, and author of the world’s first children’s book on the subject of technological unemployment. Board member at Learning Mission, a movement seeking to transform the Danish education system, and founder of progressive media outlet #ActualNews.

Denis does keynotes on critical optimism, mass collaboration and the exponential mindset.

Sample Topics

Mass Collaboration and Critical Optimism

“I believe we are the first people in human history that are so connected and have access to so cheap and effective means of communication that we can organize at scales never seen before, and create exactly the kind of positive change in the world that we wish to see. Technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, quantum computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, AR & VR, cryptocurrencies, gene editing, autonomous driving, drones, robotics and social media are all maturing at once – and we now live in a world where technology is transforming science fiction to science fact on a weekly basis: Where technology becomes indistinguishable from magic, and we are able to create positive change in ways that were previously out of reach. To notice this, it is important that we talk about these things – and it’s super important that we talk about the right things, the empowering things that energize us and make us realize that our efforts matter. No-one wants to be a cheerful nitwit when there’s nothing to be cheerful about: We cannot ignore the bad. But it is equally radical to ignore the good – and critical to acknowledge that things can be bad and improving at the same time.”

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