Brett Schilke

Brett is an education architect and storyteller for the future. With a resume that includes psychological researcher, startup founder, and a decade as the head of a development NGO in Siberia, Brett’s approach to teaching and learning for the future relies on deep experience in human behavior, intercultural dynamics, and design.

As an author and education designer, Brett’s books, curriculum, and content have been used by more than a million people across 75 countries (and in space!) as well as by some of the largest companies and education groups in the world, from Stanford University and GEMS Education to Deloitte and GE. He spent five years leading global impact and K12 education for Singularity University in Silicon Valley, and has advised and led projects with the US Congress, UAE Ministry of Education, the Interamerican Development Bank, and the G20.

Brett now heads a global research lab on the future of learning, just released a book for kids to design the future, and is currently designing the Museum of Solutions, a new 10-story children’s problem-solving museum being built in central Mumbai.

Sample Topics

Learning for an Irresistible Future

If there’s one thing we know about the future, it is that we will need critical, new skills to navigate uncertainty and change. What do we need to learn in order to remain relevant in a reality we can’t even imagine? In this interactive keynote session, Brett will share insights from a fascinating and deeply explorative 15 years of research into societal change and education. Through the lens of psychology, neuroscience, and storytelling, Brett unpacks a theory for the future of learning that plots the skills and competencies necessary for tomorrow alongside unexpected tools and breakthrough technologies that will help us upgrade ourselves through each step of our journeys.

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