Author name: Lene R Andersen

Darlene Damm

  Click here to get a savable bio for this speaker Darlene Damm is an impact-driven visionary who pioneered the impact technology industry. She co-founded two of the world’s first impact technology companies in aerospace and drone transport, and as Faculty Chair and Vice President of Community and Impact at Singularity University, taught and mentored

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Rogue Waves, And How They Drive Both Peril And Profit

On the high seas, 64% of ship sinkings are due to a single phenomenon. They’re not caused by mechanical defects, nor crew error, but by “rogue waves.” These monsters, which can tower over 100 feet tall, form under certain nautical conditions and when large waves combine to magnify their strength. They can swamp even large container vessels, although prepared captains know when the seas are ripe for the danger.

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