Why David and Goliath are the Same!


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AlphaFold: Deep Learning Marked 2020 With A Life-Impacting Breakthrough

A breakthrough stunned world-leading scientists at the close of 2020.

“This will change medicine. It will change research. It will change bioengineering. It will change everything.”

“But when I first saw these results, I nearly fell off my chair.”

“…a once in a generation advance.”

“I was beginning to think it would not get solved in my lifetime.”

“It has occurred decades before many people in the field would have predicted.”


AI Personal Identification Can See Past Our Faces

AI personal identification schemes are more and more capable of discerning who we are, and how we are. Recent research shows how our children’s virtual reality (VR) gaming systems can name users’ identities just by measuring how they move their heads, arms, and hands. In at least one notable case, the VR system supplier’s Privacy Policy grants a long list of rights to use and distribute those patterns.


Identify and Mitigate Risks to Your Career

When engaging in career planning, many of us end up unintentionally focusing exclusively on optimistic scenarios: “I want to do X, so I’ll do A, B, and C to make it happen.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy optimism. But to ensure your plans are robust, you also need to identify and mitigate the potential risks that could threaten your vision for the future — and nothing has shown the importance of planning for risk more clearly than the current pandemic.

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